To tell stories.  Whether that is through the visual narrative of “Dispatch Volumes” or the individual photographs, or through my poetic writing, the end result is always to tell a story, to interact with a viewer, to show a view of the world or a place in the world that is perhaps new and hopefully captivating.  

Secondarily, it is to allow people to acquire and collect images, books and other objects that have meaning, are created with passion, thought and integrity, and are executed in the finest materials at a price that is still affordable.  

It is my hope that all the work shown here, whether of my making or by others, carries the themes of our shared humanity, our desire to learn and the realization of presenting the world around us as a beautiful and fascinating place, regardless of where the images or the words may come from.  

I am an artist and author, born and raised in Texas. I now split my time between Mexico and Texas. Graduate of Southern Methodist University with a BFA in painting. My work, in all media, has always been about the story, the narrative, the interaction between two people, the oldest, and I believe still most relevant, form of art. 

I thank you for every support and every thought regarding my projects. I hope the dialogue continues and grows in scale and depth as we all move forward.